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Micropanzer Wargame Studio micropanzer@micropanzer.com 816-506-9330 copyright 2006-2017 Jason Moore
Micropanzer Wargame Studio produces 15mm sci-fi miniatures, offers commission painting , as well as selling painted miniatures of all kinds as time allows.
The above photo is a scale shot of Micropanzer miniatures
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Prax IV section

Warlord Mechanized force -this is part of the - the deal contains
1 Warden, with body guard
3 Inquisitor Mechs
2 five man squads of DEV bots
New release ---
Merka 11 section

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The Ancients

3 Figures --

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The Crew

5 Figures --
the Captian
the Pilot
the Mechanic
the Security Drone
and BOB

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I have gone through and double checked most buttons and prices and titles to make sure right product is added to cart ---

Valkuyr section is Open ---