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Welcome to Micropanzer Wargame Studio
Welcome to Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Motto --
 Create a miniature table top game that gives the player a sense of character customization of an rpg, fast pace action of a first person shooter, tactical assertion of a strategy board game with linked missions that tell a story, create 15mm miniatures that are top notch in quality, not settling for industry standard but find way to raise the standard.

Provide quality service and dynamic product in a professional manner that leaves the customer satisfied wanting to come back time and time again.
News -- Voucher Program

Q:Are the other vehicles going to make a comback?
A:Yes - Resin Takes longer to produce but June will see the return of some an by end of summer all be in the store.

Q: Can I use voucher on sale - discoutned - items?
A: No because vouchers have a built in discount already. Voucher credit is redeemed at full retail prices.

Q: Can I use vouchers on Painted Items?
 A: Yes - you can - even current painted items listed, if willing to have me hold until rest of voucher filled or if using majority of credit.

Q:Do vouchers expire and can I buy more than one?
A: No always good and yes you can buy more than one.

Q: Pay-Pal Charged me shipping - Why?
A: Shipping is not included in price of voucher - voucher is redeemed for product or paint service.

Q:Do I have to use all my voucher at one time?
A: No but you might have to pay more shipping as it is not part of voucher when you do redeem 2ns time.

Q:what exaclty am I getting?
A: You can order anything you want from site - you are basically getting x amount of product credit for y amount of money, X being more than Y. Again Shipping is on top of voucher cost.

Q: When Can I redeem my voucher?
A: May -- I will update online store with codes and prices as soon as numbers come in and send out order form around the 31st of April I will order from caster as soon as majority are back -- most have a good ideal of what they are wanting -- some are waiting for some of the vehicles to be released. I am hoping to have orders start shipping out Mid May.

What product is next?
Valkyur Raven Pattern Jetbike squad. new print 10% larger

Then in no order-- Already to print just uwaiting funds.

Grav Tanks and APC

Rail Cannon and Missle Launcher Platform.



More crates

In development stage --

Gitungi vehicles



Super Heavy Tank

Krystrial Vehicles
Funding Goal Meter -- Day 5 - Top bar gets Mold cost coverd - second bar filled will add in freebie of some sort. If goal not met we are still getting molds I just have to combine a mold or 2 but will be last ones cut. Gitungi are first to be molded.
From now until April 31st -

Email me at Micropanzer@ if you have any questions -- see below for more info as well as past news

Scout level -- $20.00 -- you get $25.00 to spend.

Strike level --$37.50 you get 50.00 to spend

Vanguard level $70.00 you get 100.00 to spend

Echelon level $97.50 gets you 150.00 to spend

Invasion level $180.00 --gets you 300.00 to spend

Galactic Conquest level $500.00 --gets you 1000.00 to spend

Past News -Click HERE
Micropanzer Wargame Studio is happy to be able to show you the test prints of the EBA Grav APC and Tank - Each has 2 weapon options, We have to cover the infantry molds first then can focus on getting these cast up. Once I get the actual higher resolution prints in I will take a raw photofor you to view.

It is not too late to to get in on the voucher program - Remember vouchers do not expire and the more funds coming in the faster new items get pushed into production.
The photo below is about what a $70.00 voucher should get you.