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Site undergoing updates.
September is here with October fast approaching. Masters are cleaned and ready for production molds and new greens are ready to master. 3d files are being tweaked and the existing prints have been prepped for resin production.

15mm has seen an explosion of new companies and product making it very challenging to find a balance between production and development.

Vouchers are still good and have all sorts of new product coming out - I am currently working on a new catalog so you can deside to press on or get a full refund.
15mm Miniatures
15mm miniature Scale Painted figures for Sale
15mm Battle Field Accessories
Micropanzer's own range of miniatures.
Resin Cast items to make your battlefield a more interesting place.
Fully painted armies and miniatures from a variety of 15mm manufactures as well as terrain - these are all painted by Jason and sell very quickly.