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Welcome to Micropanzer Wargame Studio
Welcome to Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Motto --
 Create a miniature table top game that gives the player a sense of character customization of an rpg, fast pace action of a first person shooter, tactical assertion of a strategy board game with linked missions that tell a story, create 15mm miniatures that are top notch in quality, not settling for industry standard but find way to raise the standard.

Provide quality service and dynamic product in a professional manner that leaves the customer satisfied wanting to come back time and time again.
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Welcome to my hobby page

Because this is a hobby I am able to but dedicate 2 days a week to Micropanzer and free time when it is avalible.

I was considering scraping these all together as the 3d file has issues and what I am wanting is not quite what I have I went in and hand sculpted all the panels and hatches Overall I am beginning to like these I have all new guns to tie the look into my existing universe and made a better mold getting better casting quality -- While I fine tune my casting skills I am offering the $7.00 APC and the $9.00 Tank. There are also some bundle deals so head over to the store and check them out. Once I get presure casting down the prices will not be this low again - Help me learn and I will help you spend less -- this design will be getting a overhaul on the 3d side so these will not be produced once I have new mark ready.