Jason Moore
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October special is on its way to me - next week is a very light work week so will be able to get all the packages sorted out by weeks end -- you will be able to log in to you pay pal account for tracking info --

Site undergoing updates.
Lookaing at 2016 to do a grand opening. Been busy with non-mini stuff and have not had a chance to finish out the last standing sculpts I want to have for inital release.

Vouchers are still good and have all sorts of new product coming out - I am currently working on a new catalog so you can deside to press on or get a full refund.
15mm Miniatures
15mm miniature Scale Painted figures for Sale
15mm Battle Field Accessories
Micropanzer's own range of miniatures.
Resin Cast items to make your battlefield a more interesting place.
Fully painted armies and miniatures from a variety of 15mm manufactures as well as terrain - these are all painted by Jason and sell very quickly.
Be sure to check out this section as I have a special October .