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Micropanzer Resin Cast
The New Year is here and I am currently working on getting the store up to date - I am busy sorting inventory and painting one of every code. Resin Casting is slow process so limited vehicle production right now. Caster is currently working on Stomper Walker, 3 tanks and the Strider Walker. Right now I have everything infantry wise in stock but working on getting listed if you know what you want shoot me an email.
Deal of the Moment
You may or not know that I purchased from Flytrap Factory their Epoch Range a while back, I am pleased to announce 1. I have worked a deal to purchase more currently unreleased minis from the range. 2. I bought up his Fantasy Range as well and 3. The Deal of the Moment is special pricing to get the ball rolling on getting these figures into production molds. Last Deal of the Moment was for the Sci Fi Zombies and Droids.I am only taking orders for a set amount of funds raised that amount is enough to not be out of pocket for molds. On last project goal was met day one but I left up for 3 weeks I will not be doing that this time. The special price is about 40% - 50% off retail on most items and this time if you spend 50 USD before shipping I will throw in a freebee seen below to the left.

Deal of the Moment - freebee if $50.00 spent
Deal of the Moment
Deal of the Moment
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